How to start your remote work journey


The definitive guide to working remotely


5 Rules To Live By When Working With Remote Team Members

Rule #1: Value Individuals Over Infrastructure. Rule #2: If One Person Is On A Video Call, EVERYONE Is On A Video Call. Rule #3: Communication Is Asynchronous. Deal With It. Rule #4: Socializing Is Not Around A Watercooler. Rule #5: The Tools You’re Using Matter. A Lot. More

How To Start Something

GET CURIOUS You need to become a child again and just start wondering. Wonder and imagination leads to innovation. ASK QUESTIONS When you don't know, ask. Ask. Ask. I can't say it enough. There ARE stupid questions, but that's okay because they often lead to good questions. STRIVE TO LEARN You have to keep learning. Read. TEACH ... More

Build Your Own Website

Find Your Passion There's no other way to do it and no other way you should want to do it. If you don't wake up every day excited about your niche or topic, you'll never have the fortitude to make it. Domain and Naming Hosting Providers Decide On Your Platform (it should be WordPress) There's a reason WordPress is the most ... More

Decide To Take Yourself Seriously

Most of us don't have it. We just don't, but that's okay. Don't feel bad. But for those of us who do have it - or think they have it - let's go. It's a matter of self-bossing. Do you have the control and discipline to take yourself seriously? Define Your Define Your Core Goals asd Develop A Target Audience asdasd Cr... More